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Welcome to Eurodriver!

Welcome to Eurodriver! Car hire, motorcycle, buggy and ATV rentals Stalis, Crete.

Since 1995 we have been providing car, motorcycle, buggy and quad rental services to customers from many different nationalities. Our focus is on  providing a smooth, friendly and honest  rental service where each and every customer counts. That is why all our prices quotes always include all charges and there will never be extra hidden charges upon receiving your vehicle. Our fleet of cars reflect the current popular choices for car rental.


Having a passion for motorbike touring ourselves

As we developed we added to our fleet the largest collection of fully equipped motorcycles.We know that Crete and it’s beauty,  is an ideal location for adventure holidays and motorcycle tours. We are delighted to share that with the motorcycle community.

Popular motorcycle choices


Our Quad bike and buggy rentals

We provide our customers with an opportunity to add a unique and extra fun factor on their holidays creating unforgettable holiday experiences. We have ATV’s and buggy’s to suit every level of adventurer. With the mountains of Dikti as  a backdrop to Stalis, we are in the ideal location for quad bike riding.

See some of our most popular Quads and buggies for rent in Stalis!







1. Crete is a beautiful island, with a ever changing terrain and amazing scenery. The road network is very straight forward and easy to navigate. Having a hire car will give you the freedom to explore the island and discover Crete and her natural beauty.

2. Beat the crowds on the busy resorts. It is amazing that even in peak season it is possible to find beautiful uncrowded beaches where you can simply get away from it all.

3. Save money, it is not necessary to choose expensive excursions when the majority of excursion destinations are within an hours travel.

4. Enjoy your own company, Explore new territory with your friends and family with favorite tracks on the stereo in the comfort of an air conditioned car.

5. Choose where you want to go, when you want to go, car rental gives you the independence to style your holiday around your needs and choices without restricting you to timetables and delays with public transport.

6. Relax, knowing that we have your back, you have our full support when ever you need it day or night.

7. Car hire gives you the opportunity to see the small villages and more traditional ways of lives off the resorts. Giving you the chance to really explore Crete.

8. Finally renting through a local company helps support the local community. Also, we are not so big as to have forgotten the important fact that every single customer counts, we owe our lively-hood to all our customer old and new!

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